Tourism Photography

90% of the visitors to your tourism facility were attracted by a photograph that appealed to them. Excellent, professional photographs are essential to customer confidence - especially when they are making holiday decisions based on what they find on the Internet.

Class Description
Width 637 pixel
Height 851 pixel
Bits 8
Channels 3
Mime image/jpeg
Scheme http
Path /app/upload/7.jpg

We provide professional, high resolution images of tourism facilitys and activities for use on billboards, banners, posters, magazines, catalogues, brochures, slideshows and web sites. Our clients get full, no restrictions, use of the images.

The 'bits' value indicates the number of bits for each color.

The 'channels' value is either 3 for RGB or 4 for CMYK.

The 'mime' value is the image's mime type and can be used in an HTTP Content-type header.